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About P1-0404


Program Title: Mathematical modelling and encryption: from theoretical concepts to real-life applications

Program PI: Enes Pasalic.

Program Code: P1-0404.

Funding Organization: Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS).

Research Field (ARRS):

  • 1.01.00 - Natural Sciences and Mathematics / Mathematics
  • 1.07.00 - Natural Sciences and Mathematics / Computer Intensive Methods and Applications

Duration: 1. 1. 2019 - 31. 12. 2024.

Program Category: A.

Yearly Range: 2.50 FTE.

Sicris profile of the program: available here.


The core of this program is mathematics at its purest, encompassing abstract algebra, linear algebra, and discrete mathematics with cryptology as a bridge to applied mathematics. It is through cryptology, which has in recent years become deeply embedded in many aspects of society, that the most abstract mathematical ideas find a fruitful reflection in real-life applications where security remains an imperative. Continued advances in cryptology are required to expand robust security measures for data storage, transmission, and verification. Indeed, as digital technologies advance and become more widespread the data they collect, create, process, and store the demand for security is increasing dramatically. The novelty of this research program is its approach to advancing the state of the art in cryptology research and while embedding new advances in connected fields by leveraging IoT, blockchain, and discrete mathematics. The program is divided into four interdisciplinary working groups that create a pathway for the mathematical advances developed in the program to rapidly find use in real-life applications, including computer aided engineering, data analysis, built environments.